I taught language and literature in universities for many years, and got a real buzz out of
introducing young adults to the joy of reading and writing. I taught my own children to read,
and, more recently, I’ve been teaching my grandchildren to read. When I began looking for
suitable readers several years ago, I wasn’t satisfied with what was available, and so I began
writing and illustrating stories.

In creating the Phonics with Feeling readers, I’ve applied the principles of Systematic
Synthetic Phonics. In the process, I’ve done an enormous amount of research: I’ve read
endless books and blogs and articles, and I’ve talked to professionals involved in reading
support and development and to teachers and parents. I’ve met teachers who feel they
haven’t received adequate tuition in teaching reading, and parents who don’t know much at
all about how their children are being taught to read.

There is an overwhelming volume of material on Systematic Synthetic Phonics available on
the internet, so on this site I’ve tried to provide a manageable introduction to the essential
information. I’ve provided links to appropriate sites where expert information can be found,
and to the resources I’ve found most useful.

My hope is that these books, while helping children to become highly competent readers, will
also set them along the path of loving reading – of enjoying good stories and interesting
characters, and the way language plays with us, and we can play with it, with its rhymes and
rhythms and layers of meaning. I think you will see that Phonics with Feeling readers are a
little different from conventional decodable readers in this regard, and I hope that, in using
these readers, adults will also find more pleasure in the process of teaching children to read.


Teresa Dovey (aka Gaia)