Set 3

Important Information


You are purchasing downloadable PDFs of the books, which you will need to print and staple. You are not purchasing ebooks.


After making your purchase, you will be sent an email with a link that will allow you to download the file or files.


Each file comprises five books and a cover for each book.

The pages should be printed double-sided. They will print in the correct order. You will need to fold the pages for each book down the middle and staple them together.


The five covers are included at the end of the file so that these can be printed single-sided if you want to print them on coloured paper or card. Using a different colour for each set motivates children to keep making progress from one set to the next.


The content of these books is covered by copyright.

Your purchase entitles you to ONE download only.

You are not permitted to copy or redistribute the files or the printed books.


Schools wishing to make multiple copies should contact me for fees, terms, and conditions.


Set 3

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  • Schools and practices wishing to make multiple copies should contact me for special fees, terms, and conditions.