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There are some excellent online resources available on educational websites, as well as downloadable resources to print out, and, of course, plenty of apps.



This is the wonderful site of Melbourne speech pathologist, Alison Clarke. Although the focus is on spelling rather than learning to read, the two are, of course, intimately related, and there are lots of really useful free or affordable resources that can be downloaded. There is an enormous amount of useful information in the blog entries, and there are links to and reviews of a very comprehensive range of resources.



This is an American educational website. There is free access to some activities, and full access costs around AU$30 a year. The site provides a huge range of literacy and numeracy resources that are lots fun for two to ten year olds. This is a good site on which to learn the sounds of the letters of the alphabet – don’t be put off by the upper case letters that are the first thing you see. The accent is American of course.



This app comes from the very highly regarded Sounds-Write program that is widely used in the UK. Instruction in the Foundation Code is very thorough, but there are no bells and whistles to motivate young learners and keep them wanting more. There is a component that asks the child to trace over letters on the screen with a finger, which is great for beginning to write.


Oz Phonics

This app is very good on phonemic awareness activities.


Teach your monster to read

This is a low-cost UK-based app for tablets, and the computer-based version is free. It’s great – but there’s almost too much fun! I use activities on this app in short doses as a reward for sticking with the less entertaining apps and activities.


Phonics Hero

This is another app that provides lots of fun at the same time as good phonics instruction. It costs around AU$50 for a six-months subscription. I’ve only seen the free trial component.


There are some very useful entries in the blog on this site. Here are the links to few of them:

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